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Ensure content authenticity with our advanced detectors for Audio, Video, and Image Deepfakes


Audio Detection

DeepID’s Audio Deepfake Detection analyzes audio characteristics such as pitch, tone, and spectral patterns. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it detects instances of audio tempered through Deepfake technology.

Visual Manipulation Detection

Video Detection

DeepID’s Video Deepfake Detection does a frame-by-frame analysis of visual characteristics such as facial expressions, body movements, and other visuals elements. Using state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning techniques, it identifies signs of video manipulation.

Image Integrity Analysis

Image Detection

DeepID’s Image Deepfake Detection analyzes visual elements such as pixel-level modifications, image artifacts, lighting & shadow inconsistencies, and other signs of image manipulation. Using cutting-edge computer vision techniques, it identifies images altered or manipulated using Deepfake technology.

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